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Thinking in React Hooks

React introduced hooks one year ago, and they've been a game-changer for a lot of developers. There are tons of how-to introduction resources out there, but I want to talk about the fundamental mindset change when switching from React class components to function components + hooks.

Learn GraphQL, Apollo Server 2, and Black-box Testing

In this video I will be showing you how to use Apollo Server 2 and GraphQL. You will gain an understanding of GraphQL by setting up your GraphQL schema that represents the structure of your data set, furthermore, we will do this by looking at TypeDefs (type definitions).

Setting up ESLint & Prettier for React Development in VSCode

Let me guess. Spent hours trying to set up the project, when you should’ve had pushed your first commit already? I feel you. That’s why I won’t be torturing you with long paragraphs filled with stories about depressed developers and their unborn projects.

UI Testing Best Practices 📜

Here at Glassdoor we take testing seriously, but the main focus has been on end-to-end (E2E) integration tests as opposed to small, quick unit tests. I've been writing a decent amount of UI tests these past few weeks and thought I'd share a handful of patterns I've been adhering to - hopefully this can help guide good decision making when writing tests and make it easy to write more maintainable code.

React: Efficiently Rendering Lists

In the article I'm going to talk about the keys to efficiently rendering lists in React, and show how rendering list's correctly is the main thing that helps React maintain super fast performance.

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