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SWR: React Hooks for Remote Data Fetching

The name “SWR” is derived from stale-while-revalidate, a HTTP cache invalidation strategy popularized by RFC 5861. SWR first returns the data from cache (stale), then sends the fetch request (revalidate), and finally comes with the up-to-date data again.

Why Is React Concurrent Mode Exciting?

Last week the React team released an experimental version of Concurrent Mode to the public. It's been in development for over a year and the React community has been very excited about its release.

How to Use the useContext Hook in React

Let’s explore the React useContext Hook by building a music player! I’ll also show you how a custom React Hook can make the useContext Hook easier to use.

Use GraphQL Query Hooks With React

Hooks reduce the boilerplate of React apps, the same can be done for Apollo with React.

Building a Drag and Drop List

What goes into building a drag and drop component in 2019?

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