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The Hands-on Guide to Learning React Hooks

This guide serves as an exhaustive resource on the built-in Hooks that are now part of React. Read all about them as we comprehensively cover: State and Effects, Context, Reducers, and Custom React Hooks. Start learning today.

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React: Lifting state up is killing your app

How could it be possible that one of the 12 main concepts listed in React official documentation lie? Withing this article we'll consider a situation when it's indeed the case.

Tidy up styled-components with composition

How to write more readable styled-components with higher order functions.

useParams — Extract parameters from the URL in one line.

The problem is simple: you need to extract some parameters from the browser’s URL. The id of a user, for example.

Framer Guide to React

In recent years, React has become the de facto way to build big and fast web apps in JavaScript. This is great news for designers, because React is component-based and naturally aligns with the way designers work today. If you’ve been wanting to dive into React, then this is the e-book for you.

Announcing TinaCMS

Tina is not a CMS, in the traditional sense. As in, it’s not a separate system for managing content. Instead, Tina adds editing functionality to your site when running in dev mode locally, or when using Tina Teams (cloud).

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