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The Hands-on Guide to Learning React Hooks

This guide serves as an exhaustive resource on the built-in Hooks that are now part of React. Read all about them as we comprehensively cover: State and Effects, Context, Reducers, and Custom React Hooks. Start learning today.

this week's favorite

React UseAnimations Icons

React-useanimations is a collection of free animated open source icons for React.js.

React Spaces

An easy to understand and nestable layout system, React Spaces allow you to divide a page or container into anchored, scrollable and resizable spaces enabling you to build desktop type user interfaces in the browser.

Intro to SVG for React Developers

The artful combination of HTML and CSS is a tried-and-true solution for creating simple graphics like notification badges and arrows. Anything more complex can result in a mess of nested div elements and mile-long CSS rules.

React Async v9 and beyond

With the year’s end drawing closer, we can finally start preparing for its arrival. That’s why we’ve just released React Async v9 with support for Suspense. Even though it’s marked experimental, you can already start using <Suspense> as a replacement for <Async.Pending> today.

Rethinked guide to testing React & Redux applications

About a year ago, I published an article with a similar title, explaining how to test React & Redux applications. It’s available here. While I believe it’s still helpful and somewhat accurate, we can do better. Even if you’re just starting, it’s definitely worth reading — I explain some basic concepts of testing React applications. Either way, here are my thoughts.

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