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Router Pattern

🎬 How do you tame if-else or switch statements that grow with every feature request? Let the Router design pattern turn your code inside out!

NSFW JS for React Native

Add client-side indecent content checking to your React Native app using NSFWJS and TensorFlowJS

Keeping global state management sane

Maintaining a big and complex react app is not for amateurs. Whatever you may choose to manage your app state, chances are that it's hard to pick up, like redux, or really convoluted, like making yourself a service layer. With the goal of making it easy for new developers to jump into our projects, we at Labcodes decided it was time to give this problem a little more thought. Our answer was rel-events.

React Tutorial: Hackernews API

This video is for people who have little understanding of React and Apis. We're going to be creating a small application in React that calls the Hackernews Api. We'll be looking at React memo, Axios (to make Api calls), styled components, and finally we will test our work using React Testing Library.

Redux, from level 0

In this video we will learn about how to use Redux with React for managing our application state. We will learn redux by not theory but we will learn redux by making an application using React!

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