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Learn React Hooks with TylerMcGinnis.com

Our original React course launched in 2016 and has since been taken by over 80K students with an avg rating of 4.8/5. Today, we’re excited to launch its successor. Built from the ground up, our new React and React Hooks courses will teach you everything you need to know about writing React in 2019.

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Mocking React Components with Jest

I recently had a troublesome component. It was a component that was using the browser’s fetch API to load and insert SVG icons the page. In and of itself that’s fine. Browsers have all the required components to use fetch. However, Node.js is not a browser and it doesn’t have fetch. So what can we do?

JWT Authentication Node.js Tutorial with GraphQL and React

Learn how to add JWT authentication to your project with this fullstack tutorial using Node.js, Typescript, GraphQL, React, and PostgreSQL.

React Router v5.1

We are hard at work incorporating the best ideas from @reach/router, as well as community feedback about the 4/5 API, into version 6 which we expect will be ready sometime around the beginning of the new year. That being said, we are putting a lot of emphasis on making a silky smooth migration path for anyone who wants to stay up to date as we get closer to v6.

Functional Techniques with React

With ES6, it’s much easier to use certain functional techniques in React. This article will describe a few ways you can incorporate these into your app. All code snippets come from a complementary GitHub repo which demonstrates these techniques in the context of a simple React project

Test Driven Development (TDD) with React, React Testing Library, and Jest

Test Driven Development (TDD) is a reversal in traditional thinking and coding processes. Rather than writing code, and then writing tests to verify that code, the process is reversed. Tests are written first and then the code. The result of TDD is improved code quality, higher test coverage, and confidence within the team and the business that changes made to the system will not negatively impact it in ways that were unexpected. TDD opens the door to more regular automated releases (continuous delivery), and the burden (and cost) of manual testing can be greatly reduced.

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