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React Tutorial: Components, Hooks, and Performance

In recent years, React has established itself as the most popular library in the JavaScript universe. However, rather than rest on its laurels, the React team is still working hard to make it better. In this tutorial, the second of a two-part React tutorial series, Toptal JavaScript Developer Kamil Jakubczak takes a closer look at some of its features, including hooks.

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Handling API request race conditions in React

Many blog articles talk about loading api/async data in a React apps, with componentDidMount, useEffect, Redux, Apollo… Yet, all those articles are generally optimistic, and never mention something important to consider: race conditions could happen, and your UI may end up in an inconsistant state.

Translate your React app with ease using Facebook’s own framework

This article is going to go through my findings using FBT for the first time and will be show casing examples that you can follow in order to add FBT to your own React application.

State of the React Job Market

The State of the React Job Market details various aspects of a React developer’s career prospects. What are the minimum and desired qualifications? What are the anticipated tech stacks? Are most positions salaried or contractual? Is it remote, remote-friendly, or in office? Where are the jobs located? How much does it pay?

Why is React doing this?

I heard some points of criticism to how React deals with reactivity and it's focus on "purity". It's interesting because there are really two approaches evolving. There's a mutable + change tracking approach and there's an immutability + referential equality testing approach. It's difficult to mix and match them when you build new features on top. So that's why React has been pushing a bit harder on immutability lately to be able to build on top of it. Both have various tradeoffs but others are doing good research in other areas, so we've decided to focus on this direction and see where it leads us.

Chakra UI

Chakra UI is a simple, modular and accessible component library that gives you all the building blocks you need to build your React applications.

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