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Forget about component lifecycles and start thinking in effects

React components have always relied on lifecycle methods for side effects. While lifecycle methods get the job done, they’re often overly verbose and have large margins for error.

The 10 Component Commandments

Creating components that are used by a lot of people is hard. You have to think pretty carefully about what props you should accept, if those props are supposed to be part of a public API.

One simple trick to optimize React re-renders

Let's break that down with a simple contrived example and then talk about what practical application this has for you in your day-to-day apps.

How to set up an advanced Webpack application

The previous tutorials have shown you how to set up a basic web application with Webpack. So far, Webpack is only used to bundle all your JavaScript files, to transpile new JavaScript features via Babel, and to serve your bundle in development mode via Webpack’s Development Server. Basically that’s everything that’s needed to get started with creating your first web application.

Building reusable components using React

React is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries for building user interfaces. To build an application using React, you just need to build encapsulated components that can contain their own state. Your application should basically be a collection of composable React components which can be reused multiple times.

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