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Spend Less Time Sweating Over the UI in Your React Apps

Get started with KendoReact’s 55+ professionally developed UI and data visualization components and cut down on the development time of your React apps. With its wide range of customizable components, from the essential to the advanced, it can augment any existing development stack. Try now 30 days for free.

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Redux Now Has Hooks. A Before and After Comparison

Today the react-redux team released version 7.1.0, which adds hooks to react-redux! Here’s a quick comparison of how it could change how you write components.

Announcing styled-components v5: Beast Mode 💪🔥

50% faster server-side rendering, 20% faster client-side rendering, 19% smaller bundle size, RTL support and no breaking changes! 😍💯🎉💅

Buffet.js - React component library based on styled-components

The purpose of Buffet.js - an all-you-can-eat component library - is to give to the community a faster, easier and better way to develop both their private and public plugins and also, to allow us to set up a stronger design system which can be easily updated.

Why I don't use web components

For my first post on dev.to I thought I'd write about a nice, safe topic that's free of controversy: web components.

React DevTools experimental rewrite

At this point I think @brian_d_vaughn ’s React DevTools rewrite is really good and covers the vast majority of use cases. You should probably try it if you wanna better debugging experience.

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