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Why you should use an object, and not an array, for lists in Redux

Advantages of using objects instead of arrays to store a list of resources in a state management tool.

Best practices for building a large scale react application

This article describes the steps to building a large scale React application. While making a Single Page App with React, it is very easy for your code-base to become unorganized. This makes the app hard to debug and even harder to update or to extend the codebase.

How to use SMS with a Chat Messaging Service

Communication in our day and age is fragmented. Some of the most popular mediums for communication have gone so far in the direction of catering to a very specific end user and creating a “secret club” that, you could argue, connecting is beginning to become increasingly difficult. We have Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, Apple’s proprietary iMessage and Google’s Messages, and then there is also Slack, for like-minded communities and business use-cases, just to name a few.

How to Print in React Using Iframes

You want to print the contents of a page. If you use the standard browser API, this will print the entirety of the current page. In this scenario, you can use the print media query to show/hide certain parts of the page.

React of SwiftUI: Apple's new UI framework looks like React

ee SwiftUI in action! Watch as engineers from the SwiftUI team build a fully-functioning app from scratch. Understand the philosophy driving this new framework and learn about the benefits of declarative-style programming. Take a look under the hood to understand how SwiftUI operates and learn how SwiftUI and Xcode 11 work together to help you to build great apps, faster.

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