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Analyze your webpack bundle, on every commit

Check your webpack bundle size for every pull request. Track your webpack bundle analysis over time and use that data to optimize your individual assets. Catch webpack bundle bloat before your users do.

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Rethinking Hot Reloading

I've been experimenting with hot reloading again and I have something that seems to work well. I've built a proof of concept. Here's the approach I'm taking.

How to write a progressive image loading hook

While we tune every kilobyte out of our JavaScript bundles, we often forget to optimize our image loading strategies the same way. We might be sitting looking at a blank screen for several seconds before the hero image loads, giving the background to your white text.

Server-Side Rendering with React, Redux, and React-Router

There is a huge discussion about Server-Side Rendering these days. Everyone says It’s hard to implement and maintain. I have created a React News web application with 3 different approaches to be able to understand performance and implementation differences between each other. I wanted to make this application as close as possible to a real-world use case. I used; React, React-Router, Redux, Node.js, and Express.

React Virtuoso

React Virtuoso is a simple, easy to use React component made to render huge data lists.

GraphQL vs REST: putting REST to rest

When you need to build an API, your mind will likely jump to REST, the de facto standard for API creation. However, this is about to change with GraphQL, as its popularity quickly rises.


Spend Less Time Sweating Over the UI in Your React Apps

Get started with KendoReact’s 55+ professionally developed UI and data visualization components and cut down on the development time of your React apps. With its wide range of customizable components, from the essential to the advanced, it can augment any existing development stack. Try now 30 days for free.

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