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Try the new way to build custom apps for your unique workflow

Some tools have an opinion about how you should do your job. We're pretty sure you're the expert. With Airtable, you can coordinate and customize every aspect of your internal apps in minutes, not days. Flexible bug tracking, on-duty schedules, team standups, and so much more.

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Elixir, Phoenix, Absinthe, GraphQL, React, and Apollo: an absurdly deep dive

I decided to build a toy social network. It seemed simple enough to feasibly accomplish in a reasonable amount of time, but complex enough that I would encounter the challenges of getting everything working in a real-world application. My social network is creatively called Socializer. Users can make posts and comment on other users’ posts. Socializer also has a chat feature; users can start private conversations with other users, and each conversation can have any number of users (i.e. group chat).

How to Turn React Component into Native Web Component

Step-by-step instructions on how to wrap a React component inside a framework-agnostic HTML custom element; how to expose its properties and events, and support children transclusion.

Implementing Redux Architecture using React-Hooks

React, one of the best libraries to build front-end web applications. A lot has changed over few years with React library. The latest version of React i.e., 16.8 introduces a new concept of Hooks. This, gives a better way to write components in React.

Design Systems for React Developers

It's been a while since I've last written for the RisingStack blog, almost exclusively on Node.js. Since then, I've kept busy with getting into Design Systems, and I've wanted to share with you all what I've learned.

How to quickly build and integrate a serverless React application with Crowdbotics and AWS Amplify

Building a serverless React app with GraphQL API, AWS Amplify a and Crowdbotics.


Spend Less Time Sweating Over the UI in Your React Apps

Get started with KendoReact’s 55+ professionally developed UI and data visualization components and cut down on the development time of your React apps. With its wide range of customizable components, from the essential to the advanced, it can augment any existing development stack. Try now 30 days for free.

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