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Try the new way to build custom apps for your unique workflow

Some tools have an opinion about how you should do your job. We're pretty sure you're the expert. With Airtable, you can coordinate and customize every aspect of your internal apps in minutes, not days. Flexible bug tracking, on-duty schedules, team standups, and so much more.

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Named Routes with React Router

In my last post I demonstrated how you can define your site's routes using a data structure. The changes I made might seem trivial given the simple example that I used, so here I want to show you how we can make further use of the route list that we built previously.

How to Use the useContext Hook in React

Imagine for a moment that you have a React app with a single parent component that contains many levels of child components inside of it. Now, imagine passing data from the uppermost component all the way down to the last child component. In React data is passed top-down from one component to another through props.

How You May Have Come Up With React

The fact that React has entered the JavaScript world for good is nothing to be disputed. Because of this, newcomers to JavaScript often don’t question the need for front-end frameworks and libraries like React and immediately assume it’s a requirement for any browser application.

useJquery - An essential hook for your React applications

You know how they say the only thing Internet Explorer is good for is downloading other browsers? In a similar manner the only reasonable way to use React for building real-world applications is by combining it with jQuery, powerful framework for Web artisans.

How To Build A Blog with Wordpress and Gatsby.js

Ever wondered how to use Gatsby js with WordPress? This post will cover everything you need to know about getting WordPress ready for a Gatsby site. In a previous post, we spoke about using React js to build a front-end for a WordPress site. We talked about a simple setup to do this, but also mentioned some drawbacks to doing this. One such drawback is the difficulties faced when trying to rank for SEO, because search engine crawlers have a hard time indexing information being loaded into React. I mentioned briefly that there are ways around this and one of these ways is Gatsby.js.


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