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Optimize and transform images with ImageKit.io - a complete image management solution

Want to optimize images for better page load time, SEO and UX? ImageKit, with its global delivery network, automatic compression, best format selection with WebP support, URL-based resizing, smart cropping and overlays, makes managing & optimizing images easier. Works with AWS S3, Magento, Shopify, Wordpress, and any other web server. Use it for free up to 20GB output bandwidth per month. Get custom domain names and additional features on the premium plan.

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Redux ruins your React app performance? You are doing something wrong

I often hear people saying Redux is slow and can be a root cause of unnecessary re-rendering. In this article I’ll try to explain how to avoid common mistakes when working with react-redux binding.

Making an RPG with React + Redux

A few months ago, I set out to create an open-source, role-playing game in React with Redux, called React RPG. Now that I’ve released the first version, I want to discuss my motivation, goals, intentions, the things I learned, and some pros and cons of making a game with React.

Form Validation Using Custom React Hooks

Build a form validation engine using custom React Hooks, from scratch, without having to learn a single form library. Read on to learn how!

A Complete Guide to useEffect

You wrote a few components with Hooks. Maybe even a small app. You’re mostly satisfied. You’re comfortable with the API and picked up a few tricks along the way. You even made some custom Hooks to extract repetitive logic (300 lines gone!) and showed it off to your colleagues. “Great job”, they said.

A Complete React Redux Tutorial for 2019

Trying to understand Redux, it’s really confusing how it all works. Especially as a beginner. So much terminology! Actions, reducers, action creators, middleware, pure functions, immutability, thunks… How does it all fit together with React to make a working app?


The best code talks around the world

There are lots of developer's confs and talks out there, they are very useful to keep updated and improve your skills as a developer, but it's not an easy task to discover and follow them. Codetalks.tv puts together the best dev talks in a categorized and clean designed video platform, made by developers for developers.

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