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Now free to use: Make front-end features faster, with Mason

With Mason, create browser-based user-interface software in minutes. Mason provides front-end software features as a service using React components and HTML5 custom elements. Mason features are given a unique identifier, which is deployed to your application codebase. At runtime, the Mason library fetches your feature configuration from our API and renders your implementation in your application.

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Simple Animation with Hooks

Using new hooks with animations.

Just use children

No, this isn’t a post about child employment. It’s a post about using children as props. Wait that doesn’t sound right either. You know what let’s just look at an example.

Rethinking the component model with Hooks

Compared to classes, hooks expose edge-cases early. This is great for correctness of the application, but annoying to deal with early on.

React Explore Tech

An open source project to help developers learn, develop & explore.

React DevTools

A demo preview of the new React Dev Tools.