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How to Use Basic React Hooks for Reducers

If you have been programming React under a rock or you have just taken up React, Redux is the more popular way of working with unidirectional data in React and is encouraged by the React team as well. It has become a standard in the React community and ecosystem, and that's why React has built useReducer into React, which gives you a way to use the Redux pattern without depending on the Redux library just to do simple UI state management. Learn how to use reducers by walking through a sample todo app.

SVG React Loaders

This is a React adaptation of Sam Herberts SVG Loaders library.

React Peer

Send data to someone else's browser as easy as using setState() ⚛🍐

Why Isn’t X a Hook?

Since the first alpha version of React Hooks was released, there is a question that keeps coming up in discussions: “Why isn’t <some other API> a Hook?”

React Introduction For People Who Know Just Enough jQuery To Get By (2019 version)

It walks you through the fundamentals of React in a meticulous manner and is especially well-suited for anyone who comes from the world of jQuery.

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