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React Admin Dashboard Template

Sing App React is an admin dashboard template built with React 16.5.2. Sing App goes beyond usual admin templates and provides you entire intuitive programming framework. Server-Side Rendering and Node.js backend will even further speed up your development. You can use Sing App React to build any type of web applications like SAAS, CMS, financial dashboards, project management tools, etc.

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Getting started with GraphQL, React and apollo client

In this tutorial, we will learn about how to fetch and update the data from the GraphQL API in react apps by using the Apollo client.

Build Better Component Libraries with Styled System

Component-based design is an increasingly popular process for developing web interfaces. It was once common for organizations to rely on libraries such as Bootstrap or Material UI. But with the advent of improved tooling, many teams today are building their own themes, component libraries, and design systems. This influx of design and development collaboration is generating many new, exciting systems. That said, rolling your own systems comes with its own challenges and pitfalls. A recent library, styled-system, is an effective tool for navigating some of these issues.

Styled components, the styling library for your React apps you don’t want to be without

There are a ton of ways to style components in React. This is probably my favourite way of doing it and it differs somewhat conceptually from other ways of styling.

Building Highly Performant Masonry Layouts with Gatsby.js

I was on my journey building a website for our student society of design, based on wireframes crafted along with my friends. For the section showcasing our illustrations, we were about to go with a full-width masonry layout of images.

Learning React: The Main Concepts

You may ask why React? Well, first of all, if you already know JavaScript, React can make you much better at it. You’ll learn how to take advantage of some programming paradigms to make your JavaScript code more maintainable and performant.

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