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DIY Redux with RxJS => RxDx

I wrote a story about re-writing the redux library and related components with redux. While I am doing it, I analyzed the internal structure of redux to give more insights to the readers about redux. To support the story I created a git repo also so if anyone interested to read the code can access it also.

A beginner’s guide to Redux

Understanding Redux as a beginner can be quite confusing. Redux has an abundance of new terms and concepts which are often pretty unintuitive. This guide presents a very simplified example of a Redux implementation. I will define each of the steps and terms in a way that makes sense to a complete beginner.

How to animate page transition in React using styled components

While building the next version of RoutePlanGo, I needed a way to animate the page transition when the user navigates to different URLs in the app. RoutePlanGo is built using React and Styled Components and uses React Router for URL handling. This article explains how to use the React Transition Group to implement the page transition animation in the app.

Things I Don’t Know as of 2018

First, there is often an unrealistic expectation that an experienced engineer knows every technology in their field. Have you seen a “learning roadmap” that consists of a hundred libraries and tools? It’s useful — but intimidating.

The Elements of UI Engineering

There are plenty of “learning roadmaps” about technologies and libraries. Which library is going to be in vogue in 2019? What about 2020? Should you learn Vue or React? Angular? What about Redux or Rx? Do you need to learn Apollo? REST or GraphQL? It’s easy to get lost. What if the author is wrong?

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