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Your First Immutable React & Redux App

Zach Silveira gives a thorough walk through an immutable app implemented with React and Redux.

React is killing Angular

Visualization of the reasons why react is more awesome than angular.

React v0.14.3

Paul O’Shannessy describes what's new in the 0.14.3 release of react.

The missing piece to the React testing puzzle

Dave Brotherstone talks about testing and react.js.

Arkency React.js resources

A list of useful link, articles and videos on react.js grom Arkency.

React Virtual DOM vs Incremental DOM vs Ember’s Glimmer: Fight

A comparison of three different rendering techniques by Sebastian Peyrott.


A React component for pull to refresh on the web.

react native


Ready-to-use chat interface for iOS and Android React-Native apps


Polyfill for react-native geolocation (while the official one is not provided).