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Why Do React Hooks Rely on Call Order?

If you’d like to understand what Hooks are and what problems they solve, check out our talks introducing them and my follow-up article addressing common misconceptions.

Why we use CSS-in-JS

In early 2017 (I was not part of the company yet) the company decided to do a complete Refactor of it‘s slow Meteor app with sometimes 15 seconds load times, to a much more modern Tech Stack in React and GraphQL. So in July the team started with this project.

How to use SVGs in React

SVGs are here to stay, and React seems to be sticking around for a while as well. So how do you go about combining them?

Improving Component Consumption with Defaults

Default prop values allow us to improve the consumption experience of our components. In this post, we refactor an existing React TextAreaField component, to make it easier to consume. Our React component is built with TypeScript.

No, This Is Not The One With Hooks

Our latest release includes an important performance bugfix for React.lazy. Although there are no API changes, we’re releasing it as a minor instead of a patch.

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