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How I fell out of love with HOCs

At a high level, both render props and HOCs (Higher Order Components) are a useful way to abstract out reusable code in React and avoid the pains of mixins.

Better Reusable React Components with the Overrides Pattern

If you’ve been watching the React ecosystem the past few years, you’ve surely encountered one of the numerous open source reusable component libraries that developers reach for when building apps. These libraries save us from the tedium of rebuilding the same modals, menus, and form controls over and over for each app we work on.

How Does setState Know What to Do?

When you call setState in a component, what do you think happens?

Introduction to memoization

Today we’re going to talk a little bit about memoization. And no, that’s not a spelling error. And even better, is sounds a lot more complicated than it really is.

Async React using React Router & Suspense

Using Suspense and `lazy` to make asynchronous loading of React components as easy and as intuitive as you’d expect.

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