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How Does React Tell a Class from a Function?

Consider this Greeting component which is defined as a function.

Why Do React Elements Have a $$typeof Property?

The nice thing about using Symbol.for() specifically is that Symbols are global between environments like iframes and workers. So this fix doesn’t prevent passing trusted elements between different parts of the app even in more exotic conditions. Similarly, even if there are multiple copies of React on the page, they can still “agree” on the valid $$typeof value.

Serverless SSR: A Case Study

With Now 2.0, it's easier, faster, and more scalable than ever to write applications that take advantage of serverless functions, with minimal or no code changes. One of the most fascinating use-cases for such functions is server-side rendering (SSR). In other words, when visitors or search engines go to your web app, they can receive everything they need in just one network hop.

Debugging a Non Reproducible Crash

October 10th 2018, our team release a new version of our React Native app. We're happy and proud to deliver new features to our users. But oh the horror!

Why Do We Write super(props)?

I heard Hooks are the new hotness. Ironically, I want to start this blog by describing fun facts about class components. How about that! These gotchas are not important for using React productively. But you might find them amusing if you like to dig deeper into how things work.

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