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A React State of Mind (State of JavaScript Survey 2018)

JavaScript is developing at such a rapid pace. It’s no wonder the State of JavaScript survey is something we wait for each year to see exactly what state of mind developers are in. This year is a continuation of the popularity we saw last year by React and friends. It is no surprise that React dominates the narrative again.

5 things you can do to speed up your React app

It is a well-known fact that people aren’t able to use all the potential hidden inside their personal computers, laptops or even smartphones. Just stop for a second and look around: we have technology that is capable of doing things that we cannot possibly imagine, yet we struggle to create a website that doesn’t lag on the newest MacBook Pro or create an android app that won’t crash every now and then on an 8 gig snapdragon 845 smartphone. We have hundreds, or even thousands of times more computing power than people had when they reached the moon.

An Unforgettable Way to Learn Redux 

The following is a visual guide to learning Redux. One focused on the core Redux principles explained with memorable associations and custom illustrations.

The Beginner’s Guide to React Native UI Libraries

React Native lets you build mobile apps using only JavaScript. It uses the same design as React, letting you compose a rich mobile UI from declarative components. For mobile apps, a lot of the same UI elements are used across almost all apps, like icons, buttons, tabs, and forms, to name a few. That’s why instead of building these fairly popular components from scratch, you can use React Native UI libraries.

Effective Unit Testing of React Components (Part 1)

User interface built with React is a sum of components properly working together. Most of the components are affected by props passed by parent and higher order components, internal state modifications, event handlers, conditional rendering. If you want to be confident that your application will do the job in the real world, it’s good to start checking all of these factors in isolation. That’s what unit testing is all about.

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