#431 Guide to React Suspense

From Code Splitting to Data Fetching

Guide to React Suspense: From Code Splitting to Data Fetching

Suspense is behind lazy component, it helps you to reduce boilerplate and optimize SSR. In this guide, we'll discover how it works and how to use it.

Get better at JavaScript! (sponsor)

Mister DA centralizes quizzes and collections of bite-sized exercises (free and paid) to practice your JavaScript skills. Accessible to all levels. Some exercises ae regrouped by theme if you want to get better at a specific topic.

Can Next.js Handle 5000 Pages?

How much difference does it make to use static params vs dynamic params? Which one is optimal if you need a fast build time? Which one is optimal if you don’t care about build time but want a blazing fast website? Let’s find out.

An Intro to Building Game UIs with React

A deep dive into the fusion of web development and game development. This article touches on React's uses within game UIs, industry giants taking the React route, and the two predominant strategies for incorporating React in game development.

How to Dockerize a React App and Deploy It Easily

Learn how to dockerize a React application and deploy it effortlessly using Docker, Nginx, and Docker Compose. Improve your DevOps lifecycle now.

Understanding React Native Components

Over the past 3 weeks my colleague skilled in Ruby on Rails expressed interest in picking up React Native - in this piece we share our finding from our pairing sessions and hope it helps you better understand React Native components.


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