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How to Build a ReactJS SPA using Apollo Client, NextJS, Storybook and Material-UI

Modern times demand modern solutions. That’s why as a developer you need to know how to build one the most in-demand types of projects nowadays ‒ a single-page web app, or SPA. Their popularity among product owners can be explained by the fact that such apps don’t load every new page but only pull data from a server. This approach leads to shorter response times and a better customer experience. Another great plus of SPAs is their effectiveness, as they allow developers to reuse code within the app.

The optimistic UI with React

As front-end engineers, we want to provide the most reliable and comprehensive user interface by using many techniques, new technologies, frameworks or just our knowledge and experience. Everything just to achieve a better user experience and ensuring a clear and meaningful interface for the end user of our application.

React hooks: not magic, just arrays

I am a huge fan of the new hooks API. However, it has some odd constraints about how you need to use it. Here I present a model for how to think about using the new API for those that are struggling to understand the reasons for those rules.

React 16.0–16.6 new features for every day use

This is a short cheat sheet for developers migrating from React 15 to React 16, or from earlier 16.x versions to 16.6. It focuses on features you’ll use often.

Reduxful: Manage RESTful data with Redux

As you may know, a web app’s client-side state is often related to data requested from RESTful services. There are several approaches to managing this relationship, much of it depending on the technology stack you are working with. At GoDaddy, we have standardized on building web apps with React and using Redux for state management. We have recently open sourced a project to help manage RESTful data with Redux which we are now introducing, titled Reduxful.

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