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#429 – October 23, 2023

React useTransition: performance game changer or…?

Looking into what React Concurrent Rendering is, what hooks like useTransition and useDeferredValue do, what are the benefits and downsides of using them.

Got better things to worry about than building Identity? Auth0 by Okta can help. (sponsor)

If you’re an eligible startup, you can use Auth0’s Identity platform free for one year. By joining Auth0 for Startups, you’ll get access to a rich feature set including SSO, MFA, and universal login. This is a unique opportunity to get your application to market faster while giving your customers the best login box in the market.

Unlocking the Power of Storybook

Going beyond the Design System: how to use Storybook to develop, test, and validate all parts of a frontend application.

JSX Unchained: Make a template engine without React

Let's talk about JSX, the love-hate relationship of all React developers. Many hate it, many love it, but have you ever wondered how you could make the most of the power of JSX outside the usual React context?

Why Next.js is the Full-Stack Framework for Modern Websites

When selecting a frontend framework, reliability is paramount for my clients. Despite exploring options like SvelteKit, "Why Next.js?" remains a frequent query. In this article, I unpack why Next.js stands out as a dependable choice and its promising future.

How we optimized package imports in Next.js

How solving barrel files led to faster cold boots and build times. In the latest version of Next.js, we've made improvements to optimize package imports, improving both local dev performance and production cold starts, when using large icon or component libraries or other dependencies that re-export hundreds or thousands of modules.

And a couple of neat releases:


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