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#428 – October 16, 2023

Classed components

If you use Tailwind CSS, this is gonna change your life.

Integrate live video calling the way you want (sponsor)

Integrating live video calling can be slow, complex, and error-prone. Introducing Dyte. The only video SDK built for the developers by the developers. With its advanced customizations, mobile-ready UI kit, and inbuilt collaborative applications, tailor the video calling experience the way you want. Batteries included, seamlessly integrate and scale with React in less than 5 minutes. Start Building with 10K free credits.

Best Practices for Writing Clean React Code

Clean code organization is important in React for practical reasons, as well as for its visual impact. A well-designed and well-organized codebase can be visually pleasing, making it easier to work with and understand.

A Deep Dive into React Virtualized Lists

We will take a look in the creation of React Virtualized Lists, a common exercise you might encounter during a live coding session.

React memo is good actually

React memo, useMemo & useCallback can be controversial. Let's review the most common misconceptions about them, and see how they're good, actually.

Neobrutalism components

A collection of type-safe components written in React and Tailwind.


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