#427 Next.js 13 vs Remix

An in-depth case study by builduing a Twitter clone

Next.js 13 vs Remix: An In-depth case study

A detailed comparison of the features Next.js 13 and Remix Run by building a Twitter Clone app in both frameworks.

Product for Engineers: Helping engineers flex their product muscles (sponsor)

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The Uphill Battle of Memoization

Exploring why React.memo shouldn't be your first choice for performance optimizations.

Making React Apps Memory Efficient

Most developers have the mindset of faster being better for a few reasons, namely SEO and user experience. If I could write plain React and make it as fast or faster than a lot of frameworks like Svelte and Vue (in some cases), then it's a win, right?

Handling Query Parameters in Next.js with React Server Components

The advent of React Server Components in Next.js 13 has heralded a new era in React development. The amalgamation of server-side logic directly within components paves the way for more efficient, faster, and streamlined applications.

Building a Real-Time Location Sharing App with React, Socket.io, and Leaflet

There are a lot of tutorials on building Chat App with react and socket io. While building a Chat App is a cool way to explore real-time applications, I wanted to be a bit more creative.


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