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Why I stopped using snapshot testing with Jest

These days a lot of people is using Jest’s snapshot testing on the daily basis. I will show you reasons why I stopped.

React Interview Questions

I have been doing interviews for senior ReactJS developers for almost a year. Right now, when I am preparing for an interview myself, I realised that knowing when someone gives you a great answer and giving the answer yourself is not the same :)

Why React’s new Hooks API is a game changer

I have been developing with React since it’s early days and during that time there have been many attempts by both influencers, as well as the core team to improve the API and patterns developers are using to creating software. One of the biggest challenges we have had was how to share behaviour neatly between components to enable reuse or even just separation of concerns. Every single solution proposed up until this point had some problems associated with it.

From React.Component to hooks

Quite recently, React has unveiled its plans for its upcoming 16.7 release. The announce is quite massive as it promotes a new approach that revolves around Stateless Functional Components (SFCs).

Writing Custom React Hooks for GraphQL

In this post, I’ll walk you through what I have learned & how to perform GraphQL queries, mutations, & subscriptions using custom React hooks.

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