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#416 – July 24, 2023

How React 18 Improves Application Performance

Learn how React 18's concurrent features like Transitions, Suspense, and React Server Components improve application performance.

Build React components visually with Webflow (sponsor)

Create production-ready React components visually in Webflow and streamline the design to development process.

How to Build a Routing Layer in React and Why You Need It

Learn what a routing layer is, understand some of the several benefits it can bring to your architecture, and how to build it in React.

Sidebar animation performance

Exploring JS vs CSS animation performance by recreating the sidebars of Notion, Linear, and Gitlab.

The Power of Mocking in Unit Tests

Testing is often an afterthought when writing code. It can be confusing, slow down development, and if implemented poorly provides questionable utility. The following are some tips for preemptively writing and structuring your code so that it is easy to unit test.

Optics: Scalable state management for TypeScript applications

Read, update and subscribe anywhere in the global state with optics. With properties or methods, decompose your state as suits you with full type-safety and code completion. With optics, focusing on deeply nested values makes updating them effortless.

A comprehensive Guide to Beginners

ReactJS revolves around the concept of components, which are self-contained, reusable building blocks that encapsulate a specific piece of functionality and user interface.


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