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#415 – July 17, 2023

The Power of Mocking in Unit Tests

Testing is often an afterthought when writing code. It can be confusing, slow down development, and if implemented poorly provides questionable utility. The following are some tips for preemptively writing and structuring your code so that it is easy to unit test.

React: A comprehensive Guide to Beginners

This beginner's guide aims to demystify React and provide newcomers with a solid foundation in this powerful library.

Optics: Scalable state management for TypeScript applications

Optics is a library to manage global immutable state in TypeScript applications. It let's you declare references to parts of your state, called optics, that allow you to read and update these parts as well as subscribe to their changes.

Demystifying React Server Components with NextJS 13 App Router

This purpose of this application is to demonstrate the concepts and code of React Server Components in NextJS13 in a way that exposes what is really happening.

Embracing Polymorphism for Flexible Components

Do you want to take your React skills to the next level and create more versatile components? Polymorphism is here to save you.

React95: A React components library with Win95 UI

React95 is a component library inspired on the Windows 95 UI design. 🪟


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