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115+ Components for Your React Apps: View Examples Now

Building React apps? Check out our Ext JS component library with 115+ fully supported components such as grids, pivot grids, charts, calendars, D3, menus, trees and more! See for yourself and view our interactive examples.

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Distributing state changes using snapshots, patches and actions 

Managing state in a client-side only application is relatively simple in JavaScript. There are few constraints in place that make this easy: JavaScript is single threaded, which avoids an entire set of problems. And there is only one actor in play: the user that interacts with the application.

Render Caching for React

Server side rendering in React requires additional work to setup and has server costs. Furthermore, if your server team cannot have JavaScript running on your servers, you are stuck. It significantly complicates the CDN setup especially if you have pages that require login and where the user’s information is managed.

Implement Tree view component with ReactJS and Styled-Components

Tree view is one of the most popular components, you can see tree view everywhere from MacOS Finder or Window File Explorer or in any code editor like VSCode, Sublime Text, etc.

How to get React SEO-friendly by using Next.js

SEO has become one of the most crucial points on the Internet to get a good ranking on Google and offer visibility to your website. If you have ever wondered how to stick with React for your web application without the lack of SEO and poor latency on the first load, you should take a look at what is coming Next.

Hosting your React application with AWS in 30 minutes

This tutorial is very image heavy and targeted towards complete beginners. It explains how you can host your React application on a website, with a complete authorization system. It invokes the power of AWS MobileHub through the Mobilehub CLI (Command Line Interface). The tutorial requires no skills with AWS services and will also show you to set up a React boilerplate application.

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