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Ext JS: Fully Supported JavaScript Component Library for your React Apps

Did you know you can use any of our 115+ fully supported, pre-integrated and tested UI components with your React-developed apps, including grids, pivot grids, charts, calendars, D3, menus, trees and more? Learn more about our open source solutions today.

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React Fire: Modernizing React DOM

React Fire is an effort to modernize React DOM. Our goal is to make React better aligned with how the DOM works, revisit some controversial past decisions that led to problems, and make React smaller and faster.

Code Surfer

React component for scrolling, zooming and highlighting code samples <🏄/>

Everything you need to know about React’s Context API

React is one such UI library which gets frequent upgradation in terms of new features and concepts within months. One such additional concept or feature in version 16.3 gives us Context API which is an upgraded version of old concept of context in React which allow components to share data outside the parent-child relationship.

How To Develop A Professional React App

React and its ecosystem of related JavaScript libraries has huge market share, and it’s being used to power the front-ends for many successful SaaS (Software As A Service) products. But you need to know more than just React if you want a job as a highly sought-after developer. The following article is a guide for what you should know if you want to join a team of highly skilled engineers in the real world, or if you want to become an independent consultant working for clients.

9 React Guides that stood the test of time

Does React deserve its reputation for stability? Let's find out by exploring how nine classic React articles hold up to the latest version of React.

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