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#405 – May 08, 2023

What Even Are React Server Components

React Server Components blur the line between client rendered and server rendered applications, allowing your React components to load data on the server and ship only the necessary HTML and JavaScript to your clients.

eBook: Generate PDF Files from Your React App (sponsor)

Download this eBook to learn an easy and straightforward way to export from React to PDF through a single method call, all on the client side, by including a single npm package.

Using Testing Library with implicit ARIA roles

Semantic HTML ensures neat structure and good accessibility to the document. Testing Library’s getByRole function is very helpful with this, but, not knowing elements’ implicit roles, its use can become a huge hurdle.

Connecting React, MUI & TypeScript Together

React MUI TypeScript is a combination of three powerful technologies used in front-end development: React, Material-UI, and TypeScript.

A few developer console tricks

Today, I wanted to share a few console tricks that I’ve found useful over the years. Let’s dig in.

Using useContext in React: a comprehensive guide

In this article, we'll explore the useContext hook in detail and learn how to use it effectively in a React application.

Creating an animated gradient border with CSS

How to animate a border gradient in CSS?

Making animated tooltip with React and Framer Motion

Learn how to avoid common pitfals when building floating component and how to easily animate them.

Micro Frontends in React: A Practical Guide

Implementing micro frontends in React - build complex modern applications in a scalable way.

Exploring React Fragments: Simplifying Your JSX Code

React Fragment is a component that lets you group a list of children elements without creating an extra DOM node.


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