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Join unique JavaScript advanced trainings with experts in Brussels!

Are you looking for advanced hands-on training to stay updated on the technologies you work with? Hackages has the perfect solution for you! Check out their upcoming bHack to School trainings on JavaScript, Angular, React, Vue.js, GraphQL, RxJs... and secure your spot to join like-minded developers in workshops with local and international experts in Belgium. Early bird prices until 15 September only!

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How to create PDFs from React components

If you have ever dealt with a B2B dashboard app, you know that businesses love reports in pdf format.

Dynamic App Themes with CSS Variables and JavaScript 🎨

Hello there! In this post I’d like to discuss my approach for creating a dynamic theme loader in a web app. I’ll talk a little bit about react, create-react-app, portals, sass, css variables and other fun things. Read on if this is something that interests you!

Mastering Drag & Drop with ReactJS 

Drag and drop is an intuitive way of moving and rearranging elements in Web and Mobile applications. In HTML5, drag and drop is part of the standard — Any element can be draggable, But for advanced interactions and customizations this feature is not sufficient, we need to implement it on our own.

A Definitive Guide to Optimize Major Performance issues in React

React performance optimization is a major key factor if you want to speed up your React web app. This guide talks about common React performance issues and how to solve them by taking necessary steps.

Nested Components

Nested Components are exactly what the name implies. They are children nested inside parent components. They simply help us create more complex UI structures. For example, an alert component probably has another sub-component nested within it to indicate the actual number of alerts. A message box has an inner input element and a send button.

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