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#404 – May 01, 2023

The Interactive Guide to Rendering in React

In this interactive guide, we'll explore why, when, and how React renders.

Get your free Retool Database: a managed PostgreSQL DB + spreadsheet-like data editor (sponsor)

Retool Database gives you all the power of Postgres with the convenience of a spreadsheet. Build apps faster with a fully managed PostgreSQL database—no complex setup required. Create tables and fields by using a spreadsheet-like interface. Upload CSVs. And get 5GB of data storage free for one year.

Display a view counter on your blog with React Server Components

A short tutorial with a cool use case for React Server Components, Streaming and Suspense with Next.js: adding a view counter on a blog, calling the Plausible analytics API.

How to Write Comments in React: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

{/* Comment */} is the usual way to write comments in React. But there are 2 better ways to comment you just have to know.

Angular and React Component Inception

Can you have a React component inside an Angular app that hosts an Angular component?

Build a Type-Safe Tailwind with vanilla-extract

We discuss how we built a type-safe alternative to tailwind that scales better for growing engineering teams.

The “const” Deception

The “const” keyword in JavaScript is used to create constants, variables that can't change. Curiously, though, we do seem to be able to edit objects and arrays that are created using “const”. In this tutorial, we're going to dig into the incredibly-important distinction between “assignment” and “mutation” in JavaScript.


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