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Let’s make a resume in React

What? You heard correct. Let’s make a Resume using React. I tried searching for a few hours to see if anyone else had done it, but I couldn’t find any clear steps to doing so. I had to hack together a solution that acted exactly how I wanted.

🍞 React Toast Notifications

A configurable, composable, toast notification system for react.

Creating Flexible and Reusable React File Uploaders

The Event Creation team at Eventbrite needed a React based image uploader that would provide flexibility while presenting a straightforward user interface. The image uploader components ought to work in a variety of scenarios as reusable parts that could be composed differently as needs arose. Read on to see how we solved this problem.

Draft.js: List depth control

Imagine you have a nested list(ordered or unordered). When you have finished your work with current depth level, you need to go one level up. The common way to do it is to leave the item blank and hit Return button. The depth level would be decreased and you can continue your work without even thinking about pressing specific key combo. And if the the cursor is on the first depth level the editor should close the list.

Introducing Pose 3.0

Pose is designed to simplify both animations and interactions. But so far, it’s only supported dragging.

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