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Full Stack Fest 2018: Bring Back the Web

Fancy a week in Barcelona? Would you like to hear about Distributed systems, new browser APIs, Machine Learning, WebXR, PWA or Cryptography? Then Full Stack Fest is for you! Get a 15% discount using the code REACT.

this week's favorite

Infinite Scrolling in React using JavaScript Generator

JavaScript Generator is a great way to infinitely return data and thought I could use it for infinite scrolling. Let’s see how to implement infinite scrolling in React with JavaScript Generator.

React's Render Props Pattern - Children as a Function

The concept of children as a function or child as a function, also called render prop in general, is one of the advanced patterns in React (next to higher-order components). The components which implement this pattern could be called render prop components.

Gradient Lab

GradientLab is a gradient picker made with React, aiming to let you choose aesthetically pleasing gradients quickly and intuitively.

12 Public React Repos/Apps to Inspire Your Next Project

In the last couple of years, React has risen to become a massively popular JavaScript library and developer ecosystem. There are tens of thousands of software projects that use React and many of them are publicly available on Github. It’s fun and enlightening to check out what other developers have made with React and dig into how they write code.

Data fetching in Redux apps — a 100% correct approach

Redux is a great tool that solves one of the main problems of UI frameworks: state management. State management on the client side can quickly grow into a nightmare, and the unidirectional flow of data Redux enforces makes it easy to understand how events alter the state of your application.

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