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Full Stack Fest 2018: Bring Back the Web

Fancy a week in Barcelona? Would you like to hear about Distributed systems, new browser APIs, Machine Learning, WebXR, PWA or Cryptography? Then Full Stack Fest is for you! Get a 15% discount using the code REACT.

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How Fast Can You Learn React?

Right off the bat, I’ll tell you, learning React is about as easy as teaching a parrot to talk. Which isn’t. It takes time and a whole lotta swearing. Funnily enough, what the parrot will learn is the swearing, and you the stuff you learn while swearing because when you start swearing that’s when YOU know you’re really learning something. ;)

What Happens When a Shitty Coder Builds Your Backend

I recently tried to buy a new game from TG which unfortunately was only available to Premium members (TG has two membership levels, Basic and Premium), and the Premium membership was expensive as hell. I bit my nails for a while and wondered what I could do since my future happiness seriously depended on playing several hours of said game as soon as possible. Since I’m a software engineer myself, I decided to see if I could just play around with TG’s services for a while and just see how things worked.

An Example Senior React/Redux Developer Task

Here is an example of a Senior React / Redux Developer Task for a contract in London. I really enjoyed this test, but, found it much harder than I first thought. There were a few things I should have thought about in a bit more detail.

Setup your own Webpack 4 config for React with Typescript

Webpack has become one of the most important tools for modern web development and yet, it is a blackbox to many developers. In this tutorial, we are going to setup our own basic Webpack 4 configuration from scratch for React with Typescript.

Why Discord is Sticking with React Native

Being one of the first apps built with React Native, we were excited to share our first year journey using React Native back in 2016. Looking back at the past three years, React Native has proven to be extremely successful at Discord and helped drive our iOS user adoption from zero to millions!

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