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#397 – March 13, 2023

Were React Hooks a Mistake?

People like signals because signal-based components are far more similar to class components than to function components with hooks.

Build custom internal tools using code within minutes (sponsor)

Airplane is a developer platform for creating custom internal tools. You can build powerful workflows and UIs using scripts, queries, APIs, and more within minutes. Airplane's code-based approach makes it flexible, allowing users to customize complex operations and integrate them into their codebase. Get started for free!

Why You Should Use a React Framework

And spend more time writing React code.

Elegantly managing state and renders in React

In our never-ending efforts to improve our user experience and streamline our user onboarding flow, we discovered that we’d been under-leveraging graceful state management provided by React. Read on to learn how to simplify state management in React and get UI state updating when it’s supposed to.

Create an Image Tagger App with React.js and AI

In this tutorial, we'll create a simple application that enables users to upload an image using a React.js form and display image tags using AI.

How To Create Dynamic Donut Charts With TailwindCSS And React

In this article, Paul Scanlon shares a super lightweight approach to creating a Donut chart using conic-gradient. There are no additional libraries to install or maintain, and there’s no heavy JavaScript that needs to be downloaded by the browser in order for them to work.

Full-Stack TypeScript with tRPC and React

tRPC allows developers to create fully type safe APIs with TypeScript in full-stack applications. While the server application produces a type safe router with type safe functions, the client application can call these functions directly on the inferred type safe router. Under the hood, HTTP is still used to communicate between client and server.

Common Beginner Mistakes with React

In this article, we're going to go through 9 of the most dastardly gotchas. I'll show you how to solve these common problems, so you can avoid a lot of potential frustration!

Building a forum with React, NodeJS

I have recently invested in a forum website. The issue is that the site has been running on the same software for 17 years, it’s ugly as well as being expensive and hard to maintain.

Debouncing requests with React Query

Sooner or later, every application ends up needing to implement a debouncing strategy in some parts of its code to avoid noisy events. Learn how to prevent unnecessary requests with one of the most popular libraries of the React ecosystem.


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