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React Flip Toolkit

Wrap your container element with a Flipper component that has a flipKey prop that changes every time an animation should happen.

Fullstack React's Guide to using Refs in React Components

When using React, our default mindset should be that we don't imperatively modify the DOM, but instead that we pass in props and then re-render the component. But sometimes there are situations where imperative actions are necessary.

React From Zero

A simple (99% ES2015 less) tutorial for React. Everything runs in the browser without a manual pre-compilation.

React Native is Getting Evicted by Airbnb: Our Response

Airbnb has long been a supporter of React Native and early on committed significant engineering resources to adopt it in their mobile stack. This week, they published a postmortem of that usage and announced their intentions to move away from React Native across the board. While React Native may not be the best tool for their app ecosystem, we still believe it’s the best option for us here at Headway. Let’s talk about what Airbnb’s experience was like and why the future of React Native is still very bright.

Clean Code saves Devs. The Caffeina approach to ReactJS

hen a group of people starts working on a very large and important project, it is inevitable to encounter different methods of thinking and writing the code. The risk of having the code difficult to maintain is very high. We decided to study (YES, you need to study to improve processes and write clean code) and understand what was the best approach to be used internally to leave the freedom to interpret the code but maintain a clean and maintainable code base.

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