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Lessons learned from my first React app

If you’re just starting to learn React, start with the official docs. As far as docs go, the React ones are easy to understand and provide lots of examples. Don’t do what I did and start with a React tutorial. I started with egghead.io’s The Beginner’s Guide to React (“Beginner’s” is a misnomer in my opinion) and it was rough. To be fair, I’ve heard egghead.io is meant for more experienced developers looking to get up to speed with a new framework.

✨ Immensely upgrade your development environment with these Visual Studio Code extensions

Let’s talk about Code — Visual Studio Code. Some of my dear readers requested me to write about the extensions I use — so here we go! 🙂

Custom error pages in React with GraphQL and Error Boundaries

One challenge I recently ran into while working with GraphQL and React was how to handle errors. As developers, we’ve likely implemented default 500, 404, and 403 pages in server-rendered applications before, but figuring out how to do this with React and GraphQL is tricky.

How to use React’s experimental new Profiler feature

React 16.4.0 was recently released! 🎉 🎉 🎉 And it’s times like this that you realize how much of a JavaScript nerd you are for getting excited about minor version releases of your favourite framework. Welp!

How to Combine Node JS Back-end with React JS Front-End

Uploading files might seem like a task that needs to be conquered especially in web development. In this tutorial, we will see how to upload a simple AJAX based file using Reactjs on front-end and Node.js on the back-end. This is easy to accomplish with the following technologies since the whole source code will be in one language i.e JavaScript. To show you how to combine a Node.js backend with React Js front-end, we will be making the use of a simple file upload example.

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