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#394 – February 20, 2023

Maximising performance with code splitting techniques

You can maximise the performance of your React applications with my guide to the latest code-splitting techniques. Learn how to use dynamic imports, React Lazy, Loadable Components, route-based code splitting, preloading, inlining critical CSS, and dynamic chunks with code examples.

Don’t build a CSV importer (sponsor)

OneSchema is a ready-made CSV importer for developers which automatically corrects customer data. (Also: edge case handling, simple UI, bulk editing). Engineering teams use OneSchema to save months of development time building a CSV importer. With a large library of prebuilt validations and robust SDKs, OneSchema only takes 30 minutes to get running in your app. See how OneSchema works.

Detecting unnecessarily mounted React components in a large app

We ran into a problem while refactoring how we load modals in our app: How do we know which pages use them and which do not?

Adopting React in the Early Days

Adopting React hasn't always been so easy. This article is not about the story of React, but rather a tale of my own experience of the early days, and the challenges I encountered.

How to handle errors in React: full guide

Looking into how to catch and handle errors in React: usages, patterns and caveats of try/catch and ErrorBoundary, what's possible, what's not, and how to catch async errors with ErrorBoundary.

React Hooks: Compound Components

How do compound components change with React hooks?


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