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🚀Get your pull requests reviewed faster with Pull Reminders

Waiting too long for code reviews? Pull Reminders lets you setup Slack reminders for pull requests and motivate your team using metrics and leaderboards. Pull Reminders is used by over 400 companies including Pivotal, GitHub, Webflow, Automattic, SaltStack, and Sensu.

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Form handling in React-Native with Formik and Yup

Youtube screencast on how to make form handling more effective.

React v16.4.0: Pointer Events

The latest minor release adds support for an oft-requested feature: pointer events!

Material-UI v1 is out 🎉

React components that implement Google’s Material Design.

Increase performance of your Angular, React and Gatsby Apps with Guess.js

Increasing performance of Angular, React and Gatsby applications is always an important question, especially if you have significant complex app or website.

The Perils of Using a Common Redux Anti-Pattern

In this post, I’m going to share one of the most common pitfalls associated with Redux and how to best recognize and avoid it. Avoiding this common pitfall will help you produce complex, maintainable applications faster.