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monday.com: Project management is better when it's visual

monday.com is an intuitive project management and software development tool designed to simplify your workflow. Manage processes and programming applications, plan implementation tasks visually on a timeline, collaborate with your team & see what everyone is working on in a single glance - all in one place. Create a free account and start using monday.com today!

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GraphQL: 3 Years in, and lessons learned

Back in late 2016 I wrote an article called GraphQL: Tips after a year in production. Since then, GraphQL started offering native subscriptions, Relay got so good you could replace Redux with Relay Modern, and I learned a few neat tricks along the way. I’ve also made a bunch of mistakes. Looking back on my GraphQL journey, here’s what I’d change.

JSX can do that?

First I’m going to explain how JSX works and then use it in “unusual” ways. If you know how JSX works you can skip the first part. If you are here to learn something useful you can skip the second part.

⚛ The React State Museum

⚡️View the hottest state management libs for React

Building a Progressive Web App in React

In case you haven’t heard, Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are finally ready for prime time. It might not yet be obvious to many people how to install a PWA, but if you’ve done it once you won’t forget it and it’s simpler than using an app store.

My struggle to learn React

I’m going to be honest: I’ve had a hell of a time getting my head around React. More than any other technology I’ve touched over the last 10 years of my career, I just haven’t had it click for me. It’s very frustrating as I really want to learn it, and it’s clear the library has legs.

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