#387 Avoid These Common Pitfalls Of React useState

Avoid These Common Pitfalls Of React useState

useState is the easiest and most common React hook. But so are some of its problems. Become aware of them and use the exercises on this page to improve your own code.

Zero to a Hundred Deploys (sponsor)

An average software team deploys between once per week and once per month. But why stop there? What if you can deliver more value to your customer more frequently? Here’s a practical guide to show you how to go from deploying once a day to a hundred times a day. Learn what measurements, development practices, communication and cultural changes are needed to get there.

visx: a collection of expressive, low-level visualization primitives for React

At Airbnb, we made it a goal to unify our visualization stack across the company and in the process, we created a new project that brings together the power of D3 with the joy of React.

React Cross Fade for Material UI

Material UI for React, also called MUI, does not come with a native CrossFade component for transitioning with a cross fade animation between two or more components.

Why does onClick={x()} causes "too many re-renders" error in React?

What is the difference? Why does the second example cause the infinite loop?

How to use React Strict Mode in React 18

What is Strict Mode in React 18 and how to use it to find and fix bugs in your React application.

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