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this week's favorite

Understanding higher-order components

In this post I will discuss the why and how to use higher-order components (HOC) with ReactJS. Why use HOC: Promote reuse of logic across React components.

Terminal emulator component for React

React Terminal Component is a customizable React component backed by a JavaScript terminal emulator.

Redux Beacon

If you're using Redux or ngrx/store to manage your app's state, you can use Redux Beacon to tap into your dispatched actions and map them to events that are consumable by an analytics service (e.g. Google Analytics). With Redux Beacon your entire global state life-cycle becomes trackable.

Why React needed yet another animation library. Introducing: react-spring

Ever since i started developing i was fascinated by the vividness of animated applications, they felt alive. And we sure have come a long way, too. There are dozens of tools to choose from today. From tweening libraries to full fledged declarative options, especially in the React world.

Using advanced design patterns to create flexible and reusable React components — Part 2

In the last part of the series, we discussed how to use compound components and static class methods to produce reusable and flexible components. Using the API we created, we are able to dynamically recreate different variations of the component in a very declarative fashion.

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