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this week's favorite

React Kanban

A server-rendered React app inspired by Trello.

New lifecycles and context API

A few days ago, we wrote a post about upcoming changes to our legacy lifecycle methods, including gradual migration strategies. In React 16.3.0, we are adding a few new lifecycle methods to assist with that migration. We are also introducing new APIs for long requested features: an official context API, a ref forwarding API, and an ergonomic ref API.

Sensible React Forms, with Govern

Creating forms with React can be a little tricky. Perhaps you decide to use Raw React, and end up repeating the same handler code each time you need a new field. Or maybe you force the non-global form state into a global Redux store. Either way, things get awkward quickly.

23 Best React UI Component Frameworks

According to the Stack Overflow survey React grew in popularity by almost 150% from 2017to 2018. This isn’t really surprising, and among other things is happening thanks to its growing component-based ecosystem.

Awesome React Context

A curated list of stuff related to the new React Context API.

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