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Writing Clean and Concise React Components by Making Full Use of ES6/7 Features and the Container-Component Pattern

If, like myself, you’ve ever created a website using the “standard” tools of plain old HTML or templates, preprocessed CSS, and JavaScript, then you may also have shared the same delight I did when React came along and offered a way to easily break a website or app into manageable, reusable chunks.

The future of state management

When an application grows in size, its state often grows in complexity. As developers, we’re not only tasked with juggling data from multiple remote servers, but also with handling local data resulting from UI interactions. To top it off, we have to store all of this data in a way that’s easily accessible from any component in our application.

Idiomatic Redux: Using Reselect Selectors for Encapsulation and Performance

In a good Redux architecture, you are encouraged to keep your store state minimal, and derive data from the state as needed. As part of that process, we recommend that you use "selector functions" in your application, and use the Reselect library to help create those selectors. Here's a deeper look at why this is a good idea, and how to correctly use Reselect.

React Messenger Customer Chat

React component for messenger customer chat plugin.


react-shift is a modular dashboard system for asynchronously loading available react components and allowing end user configuration of views

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