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Dockerizing a React App

Docker is a technology that helps to speed up the development and deployment processes. If you’re working with microservices, Docker makes it much easier to link together small, independent services. It also helps to eliminate environment-specific bugs since you can replicate your production environment locally.

Optimize React Performance

Did you know that using key={} incorrectly in a list can increase DOM operations by over 10x? React is known to be blazingly fast with its Virtual DOM implementation. However, even with React’s built-in performance, there are instances when the UI can begin to feel sluggish. The primary culprit for poor performance is generating too many renders and reconciliations. We’ll cover 4 techniques to help ensure that your app is optimized and offers a snappy user experience.

Testing React Components

Testing should make us confident. Confident that our software does what we think it does, and that it will continue to do so as we pile up functionality. But testing UI components rarely breeds confidence. Instead, it often makes us feel angry and unproductive.


A homemade server side rendering client built with React and Redux, powered by the Spotify API.

Personal Logger

React app for tracking personal diet, sleep, and general wellness.

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